Your motorhome has a safety feature to prevent the water from freezing when it is around 5°C. Follow the instructions below to reset the frost valve.

1) Make sure the gas is on/there is gas available or you are plugged into the mains

2) Turn on the heating – select correct source and ensure that you select water and heating to be on.

3) You will feel the heat from the vents, once you feel the heat wait half an hour.

4) Locate the frost valve. This is located on the floor under the bench seat at the sitting area. Remove the cushions and lift up the trap door.

5) Turn the dial (annotated K in photo) clockwise 90 degrees.

6) Turn the same dial anti-clockwise 90 degrees.

7) ‘K’ should now be parallel to the motorhome. On the back of the frost valve there is a button to push in (Annotated M in photo). Push this button in. If it doesn't click in or does but clicks back out minutes later then the motorhome is not warm enough yet. Wait a bit longer if so.

8) Fill up the water and it shouldn't leak as long as you have the water heating on when it's below around 5°C.