There are only a few areas in the UK that free-camping is illegal though in England and Wales the law states that you should seek permission before camping. This is legal in Scotland If you can’t find anyone to ask we suggest you use your discretion and follow any local signs. Spaceships ask you to respect all areas of UK and not just camp anywhere. Please be responsible to the environment and dispose of all your waste correctly. There are lots of public toilet facilities to use free of charge all around the UK so please use these. We have a comprehensive list of places to free (wild) camp all over the UK listed here.

Holiday or caravan park campgrounds have an average cost £8-£15 for non-power campsites and £15-£25 for powered sites. You can also check these web pages to find more about campsites: Pitch Up or ACSI.

Please see the basic information below about free (wild) camping in the UK:

  • Keep groups small
  • Camp as unobtrusively as possible
  • Leave camp as you found it
  • Remove all litter (even other people's)
  • Carry out everything you carried in
  • Carry out tampons and sanitary towels (burying them doesn't work as animals dig them up again)
  • Toilet duties should be performed 30m (100ft) from water and the results buried using a trowel or spade
  • At all times, help preserve the environment
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints
  • Adhere to any signs – If it says “No overnight camping” then don’t stay there
  • And if you are in any doubt about what you're doing, find out more, ask a local!