We supply all motorhomes with an LPG system that can be filled up in Petrol Stations that sell LPG.

The easiest way to find out where they are located is by going to autogas These are common in the UK however it makes it much easier if you search for one on the app. They are even more common in Europe.

The nearest most convenient (on Motorways/next to main connecting roads) LPG fill up point near to our branches are the following:


Heading North towards Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester etc - M40

Shell at Beaconsfield Services, Junction 2 on M40 - HP9 2SE

Heading towards Wales - M4

Shell - 585 Basingstoke Road, Reading, RG2 0TA

Heading towards Southampton - M3

Shell - Fleet Services M3, Fleet GU51 1AA

Heading towards France on M25

Shell - Cobham Services between junction 9 and 10 of M25 (KT11 3DB)


Going North across Forth Road Bridge/Staying around Edinburgh - Nearest to Spaceships Broxburn

Shell Forth Road Bridge - 1 Ferry Muir Gate, EH30 9SF (also next to a TESCO which has everything you may need)


Just before Glasgow just off M74 and near M8 - Shell Fullarton - 2101 London Road, Glasgow, G32 8XO


- You refill the bottle, the LPG bottle does not get replaced.

- When in Scotland fill up the LPG in Edinburgh/Glasgow. There is very limited LPG supply in the highlands.

- If you're still getting no gas in the motorhome, it may be due to the valve on the bottle being shut. Turn valve anti clockwise on the top of the bottle.

Please look below on how to fill up the LPG - please note this may not be exactly the same but it is the same principle everywhere. If you aren't sure please ask an attendant.

How to refuel with LPG

Refuelling with Autogas LPG is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Connect

  • Push nozzle over the lugs on the filler valve
  • Turn barrel 90 degrees clockwise
  • Pull the lever and latch securely into place

Keep your hands away from the barrel once you pull the lever

2. Dispense

  • Simply push and hold the button until your tank is full

3. Disconnect

  • Squeeze back the lever
  • Release will cause a small bit of gas to come out – this is normal
  • Turn barrel anti-clockwise and replace to the holder