If you turn the key and the engine doesn`t start, that means the  battery has gone flat. 

There are two options to restart  the vehicle. 

Option One : If you have someone around you with a set of jump leads and you confident doing it you can jumpstart the vehicle. This is only recommended if you know exactly what  you are doing. 

Option two: Call Volkswagen Assistance and follow their instructions. They will send you a patrol who can jump start the engine . In the glove box there is the vehicle manual booklet and a separate book dedicated to UK and Europe breakdown assistance. All important information and numbers are highlighted in there. 

Once the engine is running , it takes at least 45 minutes to recharge the battery to the correct level. Leave all consumers switched off( headlights, radio, interior lights etc. ) . 

To prevent the battery from draining  please make sure you unplug the cigarette lighter plugs ( chargers, cool box , etc)  overnight and make sure the lights are switched off ( interior and headlights). 

Please note, cigarette charger remains powered regardless of the vehicle being locked and key taken out or not.