Basics to understand: 

  • If the battery doesnt take charge and control panel keeps beeping when `L` is selected most of the time its not a faulty battery but a blown fuse. 
  • The leisure battery is protected by 3 fuses I total.
  • All fuses are 40amp fuses
  • The one next to the fridge is the most likely to blow
  • The one next to the fridge is taken out each time between hires to protect the leisure battery, so check first if its been placed back in the slot
  • If the slot is empty, the fuse is stored in the fridge
  • In your travel kit there is two spare 40amp orange fuses
  • Replacement fuses can be bought at any petrol station, should you need more. 

The first one to check is the one right next to the fridge and control panel. The fuse holder is either mounted on the edge of the panel ( picture #1) or hanging one the side (picture #2) .

Please have a look at this fuse first as this is the one that is most likely to blow (first of all please check if the fuse has been placed back in the holder as they are removed between hires to protect the leisure battery from draining and to supply you with a charged battery. They are put back prior to collection however mistakes can happen). Please gently pull out the fuse next to the control panel( the location is on attachment picture #4 in the red circle ) and replace it. It is essential to be very gentle and put the new fuse back in the case carefully as forcing it can push the pin back in the casing and it wont connect to the fuse.

Step two: If the fuse above is in place and hasn’t blown, please have a look at the fuse behind/under the drivers seat. On picture #3 you see the plastic that covers the fuse holder. Just pull the plastic upwards until it clips out and you will see the fuse ( picture #4) .

If this fuse is good as well, please follow these steps :

Step one : open the back door to have access to the control unit. ( attachment picture 5)

Step two : open up the fuse box lid and look for vehicle and leisure battery fuses ( picture 6)

Step three : pull out leisure battery fuse and replace it  . If for any reason you don`t have the spare fuses and  there are no petrol stations around you at the moment, you can pull out and use the top right ( water pump/toilet) and the next after the leisure battery ( called heater fan) fuses for the time being.

Step four: with ignition OFF , press the power button on the control panel located next to the fridge ( picture 7)

Step five : press leisure battery ( battery symbol with an `L` in it ) button and check if the lights are coming up on display( right side) . At least one red and one yellow should be displayed.

After replacing the blown fuses above( more than likely there will be only one that needs replacing), you should be able to charge the leisure battery by either running the engine or being hooked up on mains electrics. If you are using mains to charge , please make sure that the main charge switch is switched on ( pic #5 top right corner) in order to charge the batteries.