If you get a flat tyre during your trip  you can either call roadside assistance( RAC ) and they can help you replacing the wheel or if you are comfortable with it you can get it done yourself.  The spare wheel is located at the back of the vehicle in a cage on the under body.   The cage can be released by undoing the bolt you see on the middle of the floor when you open the rear doors.  The tools and the jack can be accessed by removing the plastic cover of the driver side door step( see attached picture ). 

If for any reason your camper van needs to be towed, you need to attach the tow hook.  This is stored on the driver side of the engine bay( to the left side if you stay in front of the vehicle and look into the engine bay ) behind the screen wash filling point( see picture in attachment) 

All this information can be found in the vehicle manual as well, this is stored in the glove box. 

Once you have replaced the flat tyre with the spare wheel and got back on the road , please contact Spaceships office so we can advise you how you can get the damaged tyre changed/fixed.