If your Delta won`t start ,  the first thing you need to make sure is that the gear selector is moved in `P` position, the  brake pedal also needs to be pressed  while you turn the ignition key in the starting position. 

If you still can`t start the vehicle that could be caused by a flat main battery.  The main causes for this are  headlights left on, interior lights left on, dashboard cigarette lighter is used for charging overnight . These can cause the main battery to go flat. 

If this happens you have two options: 

1 - Contact roadside assistance, give them your location and wait for a patrol to arrive and jump-start the vehicle for you. 

2- If you have someone around you with a pair of jump leads and a running vehicle and you feel confident doing the procedure you can jump-start your campervan  . 

If in doubt about the jumpstart procedure , please contact roadside assistance. 


Hence the vehicles are less than 2 years old, all batteries are still under warranty and shouldn't  be faulty.  Battery replacements must be authorised by Spaceships team otherwise replacement costs wont be covered by us. 

Please note, cigarette charger remains powered regardless of the vehicle being locked and key taken out or not.