If you were unlucky enough to get a stone that either creates a chip or crack on the windscreen here are the most important things you need to do. 

Please contact Spaceships UK customer service team and report the issue within 24 hours. 

If it is a chip , there is not much we can do , it can be assessed once the vehicle returns. 

If a crack appears, don`t panic. Contact us and depending on the size and location of the crack we will advise you the best scenario. 

Unless the crack is directly in the drivers view area and it disturbs your view of traffic you dont need to pull over immediately. Dont worry, the windscreen cant fall apart, nor it can let water to come through the crack. 

If its one of the side or rear window that breaks , please contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you the next steps. 

Please note:

Contacting roadside assistance wont solve  the problem, unfortunately they wont be able to fix your windscreen or windows on the side of the road. 

Did you know?

If you have taken the all inclusive insurance you wont need to pay for one replacement window/windscreen.