If you need to top up the engine oil , please use 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil. Between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick there is exactly 1 litre difference  i.e if your oil level sits on the minimum mark please top up one litre . 

Please make sure and NEVER put too much oil as this can cause breakdowns ,  damage to the engine and other issues that cant be solved immediately on the road side. 

It is recommended to check the engine oil level when the engine is cold( in the morning before you start the engine first time )  as this is the time when the oil level is the most accurate.

If you need to check when you stop for filling up( i.e. you doing a long journey) please wait at least 5 minutes after you switch the engine off before you pull the dipstick out so oil will flow down to the sump and the reading will be accurate.