We know you may have questions about cancellations during this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and what it means for you as a customer of Spaceships Rentals.

You have 3 cancellation options for eligible bookings during the coronavirus:

  1. Cancel your booking using the normal cancellation policy - CLICK HERE
  2. Reclaim the cancellation fees from your travel insurance
  3. Cancel by paying the full amount and receiving a voucher for the total amount which will be valid for one year from original drop off date*

Eligible bookings can be cancelled and you will receive a voucher for the value of the full booking amount.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who is travelling/travelled to or from severely affected areas.
  • Anyone who can’t carry out their trip due to official travel restrictions, medical or disease control duties, flight cancellation initiated by the provider due to COVID-19, or suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • Bookings dates must be between 1st March 2020 and 30th June 2020.
  • Bookings must be cancelled 1 week in advance starting from 24th March. If you have not cancelled your booking and received confirmation from Spaceships Rentals you will be subject to our normal cancellation procedure.

What happens if you meet the above criteria and want to cancel your booking?

  • If you have paid for the full amount of the booking you will be able to claim a voucher for the total amount.
  • If you have not paid the full amount you will only be able to claim this voucher after you have paid the full amount.
  • If you are with a travel agent please specify you want a voucher and they will be in touch.

You can cancel and/or get a voucher by clicking HERE

*What are the Terms and Conditions

  1. It is the customer's responsibility to cancel their booking - a no show will be regarded as a 100% cancellation fee
  2. The voucher will expire 12 months from the date of the original booking end date. Any remaining balance will be deducted to nil and forfeited 
  3. There will be no extensions or refunds on any voucher in any circumstances.
  4. Voucher is non-transferable (can only be used by the current hirer)
  5. You can only redeem the voucher at Spaceshipsrentals.co.uk.
  6. The voucher is a monetary value, not a specific item value e.g. The voucher is for £800 not 10 days in a motorhome.


  • John Doe has the coronavirus after visiting Italy and is, therefore, unable to take his trip, he falls into the extenuating circumstances coronavirus cancellation policy. His booking was for the 1st of April until the 10th of April and came to £800.00.
  • John has paid £480 towards his trip so far, Spaceships states he must have paid his full balance before receiving a voucher, therefore, he pays £320.00.
  • John receives a voucher by email from Spaceships for the value of £800.00 valid from the 10th April 2020 until the 10th April 2021
  • John in September 2020 decides to rebook for slightly different dates which is totalling £823.00, John uses his £800 voucher leaving him to pay £23.00"

To cancel or get a voucher CLICK HERE. Note that this policy cannot be changed or edited in any way.